The season draws Near – Cow Corner News 2014‏

Good day one and all and a somewhat belated happy new year – it is however time for a happy new season preparation – those runs won’t score them selves and those wickets won’t give themselves up too easily.

There is much to tell you but before we start doing all of that it is quickly hotting up for you cricketing types – things are moving on, England have finally won a game and in the winter it would appear Charlton Down teams have risen to previously unknown heights in various leagues and you are lucky enough to be part of something special. Yes it is time to venture from your winter hidey holes and step up – the sun is also peeping out occasionally

Meanwhile your committee have been kind enough to arrange some indoor nets for the less weather hardened of you. This Sunday at 12:00 is the time to strap on your pads, turn your arms and get ready for the best season this fast growing cricket club has ever seen. Time to prepare for our biggest season yet

12pm- 1:30pm – Sunday 9 March at Thomas Hardye Leisure Centre – let’s get it on and enjoy our fine sport.

Best wishes

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