Easter Maintenance Weekend 2015

April 3rd – 6th

A list of tools we will also need during the day will be posted separately.

Outdoor Tasks

Replace spindles on veranda
Pressure wash veranda
Pressure wash path to sides of pavilion, also remove graffiti on right hand wall by door
Pressure wash pitch steps
Re-stain veranda decking
Re-stain one picnic table (reddish colour currenly, other two tables are ok)
Use old loam at side of pavilion to fill sunken line over channel for electric cable to garage
Mow banks around pavilion
Rake gravel around pavilion
Cut edges between grass banks and gavel around pavilion and de-weed
Clean white underside of roof around back and sides of pavilion
Clean all windows around pavilion (especially rear windows)
Cut back suckers on trees by Peter Woods bench (Cut back suckers on road-side trees if time)
Dig out bank by roller to allow picnic table and roller to park on level ground
Remove and dispose of green bench
Brush all cobwebs and dirt around outside of pavilion
Cutback/prune “garden” to the left of nets run-ups
Clean, clear and fix guttering around pavilion
Dig out all earth and growth along the road, there is a raised, concrete edge to the road and we need to go back to this
Dig out and clean edges of road past the gate
Cut/strim banks above the road
Clear broken glass from gravel on LHS of pavilion
Take out and dispose of metal bars on other side of fence at deep mid wicket, 2 or 3 at least
Prune trees along deep midwicket boundary
Tidy, and refix where necessary, chicken wire along whole boundary
Rake out loose ground by boundary at square leg
Cut out suckers on trees at square leg
Cut back holly and bushes at wide fine leg
Cut back trees/bushes encroaching path below Redwood entrance to car park
Dig out and spread composting grass cuttings to the right and behind the garage compound
Spread sawdust to left of garage in grass cuttings around behind garage compound
Spread grey grit evenly in space to left of compound to allow more parking in that area (do not spread past entrance to car park from Redwood path)
Cut back trees behind Redwood
Dispose of chairs in compound
Brush nets surface, remove all gravel
Pick up all litter on CDCC property
Burn all wood at end of the weekend

Spray weedkiller

  • around edges of pitch steps
  • along left edge of nets (not on nets surface)
  • Brambles
    Cut all stems to 20-30cm then soak cut end and entire remaining stem with weedkiller.
    Brambles to get rid of are:

    • Banks around pavilion by picnic tables
    • Along road
    • Above road to the left before gate
    • Around pitch where close to pitch/fence
    • On bank behind bowlers arm @ village end
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