Winfrith v Charlton Down 2nd’s – Thurs 1st June 2017

We lost the toss and got put in to bat on the infamous Winfrith pudding surface, starting ok at 6 an over and reaching 56 before Jack was C & B for 10 off of Captain Ashley Hayes. This started a collapse for Down, losing 6 wickets for just 17 runs. First youngster Henry Dipple was bowled off stump for a golden, again by Hayes. Next was the value of spin and a ball pitched up as Amjad got bowled for 0 by Windsor with a cracking delivery coming back a good 18 inches. In came Bridget. Similar delivery and, sadly, the same outcome. Out for 0. Rog had progressed ok, managing to hit 43 without really running much because of his dodgy hamstring, before being undone by the pitch as Windsor claimed yet another wicket. Things worsened when debut boy Chris Webb became the third victim of Hayes, out for just 1.
We needed stability having slumped from 56-0 to 73-6. Enter Javed Gill and Steve Marsh. There were some sweet connections from Javed as he slowly found his touch and the boundaries were certainly welcomed, supported well by Swampy when he wasn’t lying on the floor practising his breast stroke.
At one stage reaching 100 off of 18 overs looked dubious, but thanks to an undefeated 38 from Javed, and the gift of 30 extras, Down closed with 127-6.

With something to bowl at, Javed opened the attack… well he did when he surfaced from the toilet! We thought we’d lost him and were all in place to start… where’s Javed?! Was it worth the wait? Well not with his first delivery gifting a full toss outside leg and away for 4… but then, a cracker of a delivery saw danger slogger Pope bowled for 0…! 7-1 became 7-2 when Swampy bowled Windsor for 5 next over!
Javed then wisely rested in case we needed him later and up stepped Lewis Harrington, the left-arm over paceman making his debut (I think) for the evening league. What a debut! First over? Maiden. Second over? Maiden! Incredibly (you had to be there) Swampy bowled two maiden overs in a row too – that put the pressure onto Winfrith and suddenly our total of 127 was looking pretty good!
No room for compromise. Bridget stopped a lot behind the stumps, and we managed to prevent a lot of singles in the field too, with all the youngsters setting great example in the way they fielded.
Lewis deservedly picked up his first wicket with left-hand Rabjohns lifting to Amjad at mid-on to take a comfortable catch, then Steve picked up another wicket and all hopes lay at the feet of captain Hayes. He struggled to find his touch and then, sadly, did a ‘Tiger’ and edged one up into his face, badly cutting his eye… blood everywhere and Ashley was forced to retire hurt. We wish him well (and he’s got a wedding on Saturday apparently!)
From that moment on there was really only one winner, despite the courageous 25 not out from opening bowler Upshall. Swampy finished with 4 overs, 2-16. Lewis 4 overs 3-9. Staggering!
Cameron Robinson entered the attack and followed his first maiden over with a wicket, then he swapped ends and Ollie Davies took up the baton with his best ever bowling for the evening side. In less than 3 overs Ollie took 4-10, leaving Winfrith all out for just 71. Terrific win!!!!
To confirm the hunger was most definitely there, Amjad took 5 sausages to go with his chips when we were in the pub after! Great banter and thanks for the support Craig…

CD won by 66 runs (that’s 5 league wins out of 6 boys!)

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