Puddletown Rugby Club v Charlton Down 2nd XI – 23rd June 2017

They say catches win matches. Guess it could also be said that dropping 5 means you’re more than likely not going to win matches! Yeh ok so you can see where this is going!! OK so let’s see how this unfolded. Puddletwon won the toss and chose to bat first and made their intention clear after Dan Stevens opened with a maiden, with a 6 and 4 off of the first over of Lucas. Despite being hit for some big runs it was Ben Lucas who struck first for Down, having Green caught for a quick 12. 14 year old Angus Brown, son of Mike, bowled his first over on his debut for just one solitary run! Meanwhile Matt Lovell appeared to be under attack down the other end. Runs escalated. Left-handed Rickets, as ever, seemed to be striking the ball well as well as riding his luck, on his way to a powerful 54 with 10 boundaries before being caught by Rog at mid-on off of Ian Tanner. When Ian Davies bowled Robberts for 9 and Stevens had his dad hold on to catching Dorey for 11 we thought we were back in it but heads lowered as Foot took on the charge and reached a quick 31 before being caught off of Lucas. Apart from Dan’s 4 overs 1-13, new boy Brown’s 3 overs 0-17, and Tanner’s 4 overs 1-23 we were quite expensive with Pudd expressing some very big hitting. Obviously 5 drops proved expensive too. 147-5 off of 18 overs seemed a tough score to beat. 

Rog & Jack set off ok and hit 46 after just 6 overs before Rog scooped one frustratingly off of ‘Churchy’ to mid-on for 29. Although there was some good batting to come, that ended up our top score as few really got going. Next over Jack was bowled by the pace of Green for 17. 46-0 became 75-5 as Tim Stevens was bowled for 9 and Lovell was caught off of Foot for 4. Left arm Tayab turned the game with his second and third wickets, bowling Ollie for 0 and Dan for 7. When Bridget run himself out almost as soon as he’d got in we knew we were in trouble. We now wanted about 10 per over and, with a little help from extras, Ian Tanner went onto the attack and kept us still in with a shout! With one over remaining we needed 11 to win – maybe???! With the incredibly mature and confident Angus Brown providing great support at the other end we out of nowhere appeared to be in with a shout… a boundary was all that was needed from the last ball… come on Ian!!!! Slow… outside leg stump… but missed… Ian sunk to his knees and we’d lost by 4 runs…. It was only afterwards that we wondered why a wide wasn’t given on that last ball?!

Very close game and maybe closer, in all fairness, than we deserved.

A second defeat in two matches – against bottom and second bottom of the table… oh dear… 


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