AGM 2017

Just a quick reminder that the Charlton Down Cricket Club AGM is to be held next wed, Nov 22nd down at the clubhouse. The meeting will start promptly at 19.45. An Agenda is being put together as we speak and will be posted shortly on both the Club facebook site and on the club website .
This is the main opportunity for club members, players and even non members to discuss how they feel the club is progressing, bring up any issues they have with how the club is run and to get any information on what is likely to happen in the future. It is therefore important to see as many peopel involved with the club there.
There are no earth moving consitutional announcements to be made but there are some changes to cricket next year, particularly sunday cricket that the committee need to bring up. We will also be discussing membership and match fees for the coming season and getting reports from the chairman, treasurer, Secreatary, Youth cordinator, Ground staff.
As always the club is looking for more people to help behind the scenes. Every year the whole committee resigns and all posts are then elected. This gives anyone the opportunity to stand for 1 or more of these possitions or as a general committee member. The same can be said for Team captains. With that in mind, below is a list of committee positions the club has and the names of people who have expressed their interest to stand for those positions for next year. Just because some one is standing or has been in a position before does not mean anyone other member may not also stand for any or all of these positions. Should you wish to be considered for any of these positions please let your interest be known to James Pretty before the AGM takes place as stated in the constitution.
Chairman nominees – Simon Dunford, Ian Springer
Vice chairman – nominees
Treasurer – nominees Kevin Joy
Secreatry – nominees Alex Campbell
Youth Cordinator – nominees Tommy Tucker
Maintenance manager – nominees
Club Captain- nominees James Pretty
Social Secreatary – nominees Jae Miller
Groundsman – nominees Rich Fagence
General member – nominees Sue Stevens, Mark Purnell, roger Frapwell, Ian Jones
As regards Team captains we need captains for
Saturday XI – nominees Tommy Tucker
Evening 1st XI – nominees – Simon Dunford
Evening 2nd XI – nominees – Roger Frapwell
Sunday Captain – To Be discussed.
If you feel you would like to be involved in any way then please feel free to ask questions either before hand or on the night.
The bar will of course be open and a bit more stocked up than it has been in the last few weeks and for those that wish we hope to order a curry afterwards and have a few more drinks and relaxing social time as well.
Hope to see you there
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