Committee update

The committee has grown in numbers and there are many things that are going on behind the scenes in the club. If you have any issues you can always contact myself or Alex Campbell (secretary) and we can bring them to the committee but below is a list of the committee members and their current roles that they are heading up. If you have an issue with anything in their remit then use the appropriate committee member as your point of contact and they will either allay your fears or bring it to the committee.
Sid (Chairman) – 2018 Tour (overseeing everybody else)
Ian Jones – Vice Chair – Contact list and 2018 membership
Alex Campbell – Sec – Committee minutes / website /sec stuff
Peter Tucker (Tommy) – Youth cricket
James Pretty – Club Captain – Fixtures & communication to members though Cow corner news, Charminster pilot
Kevin Joy – Treasurer – Money bills etc
Richard Fagence – Groundsman – the big green thing by the pavilion
Jae Miller – Social Sec – 2018 calendar of events
General members
Kevin Alway– Updating maintenance list
Sue Stevens – Rotary raffle
Mark Purnell – Outfield Mower repairs
Benjamin Lucas – membership drive
Kim Park – Sightscreens
Roger Frapwell – refuse and recycling issues
Hope this helps
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