Pavilion tasks – Maintenance Weekend 2015


Paint/touch up main room
Pain main room skirting boards
Sweep/brush entire pavilion, all windows, cobwebs, window sills ready for painting of cleaning
Clean corridors – remove rubbish, re-home all equipment
Paint both main toilets (disabled does not require painting)
Clean shower heads
Clear away changing room
Sweep main room
Mop main room
Take remaining rubbish to dump:

  • Sofa
  • Beer equipment
  • etc.

Paint kitchen ceiling
Power for dishwasher
Kick boards for kitchen
Fit kitchen lock
Make good and fix projector setup
Update record boards
Door handle for fuse box cupboard door
Check/fix bolts on toilet doors
Fix showers not working
Clear home changing room
Plaster old doorway to kitchen by away changing room
Dispose of table football table
Tidy/fix blinds

Power hose

  • Veranda
  • Corridor, toilet and changing room floors
  • ShowersMaintenance
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