2018 Maintenance List

Inside pavilion:
Replace blinds with roller blind
Fill dark holes and put up board behind dart board to protect the walls going forward
Look at replacing lighting in social area
Away side kitchen door needs filling in round edges
Four gas cylinders to be removed or sold
Two broken windows to be replaced – lady’s changing room and away change room
Tidy up away corridor
Check all showers are working
Look to request more photos since club started to put in social area
Honours boards to be updated and look to have further honour board I.e. Committee members and life members
Flush for gents toilet can only be turned on or off, needs to have a flush
Create more storage
Both fridges to be cleaned
Tidy up hatch
Socket in kitchen not working
Get second hand oven with possible grill

Outside pavilion:
Guttering to the left front to be replaced
Replace left end of pavilion
Two tiles missing on roof and others out of place
Weather vain to be fixed
Both floodlights not working
Replace clock – possibly and paints eves behind it
Bank by nets to be cut back
Plan to cut trees back from bottom end of ground (planning permission required
Compost heap needs turning
Fence needs repairing
Two posts need replacing for netting as both snapped
Take down chicken wire from behind netting
Trees and ivy to be cleared from right side of the ground
4x rotting fence posts to be replaced
3x cross beams to be replaced in gap in the fence
Bag of compost to be moved to compost heap
Spray bank in far corner to kill brambles
Ton bag of topsoil to fill in scrapes made by badgers on ground
Sweep netting area
Clock on garage not working

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